BioDesign Innovation Institute



Biodesign Innovation Institute is a multi-disciplinary, trans-faculty center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Hadassah Medical Center, in collaboration with the extremely successful Biodesign program of Stanford University.

Biodesign Innovation course is taught over two semesters of one academic year and instructs in the design of a medical devices, from needs analysis and inception through design, testing, patenting and funding.

Biodesign Innovation combines the resources of the Faculty of Medicine and its allied Hadassah Medical Center, The School of Computer Science and Engineering, The Faculty of Law and The School of Business Administration.

Chaim Lotan

Program Director

David & Rose Orzen Chair in Cardiology

Hebrew University - Hadassah Faculty of Medicine 


About Us

Instruct in the process of innovation and provide the infrastructure need to grow the next medical device revolution in Israel

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem